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"When we first saw The Lost Words we thought it was magical. Our next thought was to share this beautiful book with children and young people in Dorset so that they too would be entranced by the spell-poems and the paintings. We hoped the book might inspire many children to seek, find and create spells about the wildlife and nature they have around them. But how could we make this happen?  We decided to run an online campaign using Twitter and Crowdfunder and to invite people to pledge money to help us buy enough books for the schools in Dorset. In just five weeks, over 100 supporters pledged enough money to buy a copy of The Lost Words for each of the 175 schools in the county. This one is especially for your school. We hope you will all enjoy looking at the pictures, reading the spells, and finding your own little bit of magic inside its pages. Remember - seek, find and speak - and the magic of nature is yours."

From a note to students by Emma Fernandez, Paul Angel and Richard Bradford who started the Lost Words Dorset campaign in March 2018.

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