Locally distinct names of animals found in Dorset

We have started to put together some of the locally distnct names given to wild animals found in Dorset.  Please send us any others you know of so we can build up a lexicon of these traditional names.

Source:  Hardy's Cottage Visitor Centre in Thorncombe Wood, Higher Boackhampton.

Common name Dorset name 1 Dorset name 2
Buzzard Dun-piddle  
Starling Stare  
Newt Asker  
Robin Ruddock  
Kestrel Vamer  
Lizard Eft  
Nightjar Gapmouth  
Stag beetle Bryanstone Buck  
Chaffinch Twink  
Ladybird God Almighty's Cow  
Dady Long-legs Harvestman  
Woodpigeon Culver Wood-covert
Shrew Shrocrop  
Wasp Jasper  
Dragonfly Hoss Tinger  
Bat Airmouse  
Wild Pony Heathcropper  





Source:  From 'Dorset up along and down along: a collection of history, tradition, folklore, flower names and herbal lore' compiled by the Dorset Federation of Women's Institutes [Publ 1951]:

Common name Dorset name 1 Dorset name 2
Beetle Biddle  
Rabbit Bunkas  
Woodcock Coper  
Wren Cutty  
Bumblebee Dumbledore  
Hedge Sparrow Dunnick  
Ant Emmet  
Ant heap Emmet butt  
Pheasant Long Tail  
Caterpillar Palmer  
Pied Wagtail Polly-wash-dish  
Bulfinch Whoap Hoop
Mole Want  
Molehill Want heave