UK campaigns for The Lost Words

Inspired by Jane Beaton's example in Scotland, there is an ever-changing array of campaigns and initiatives to fund, source and donate copies of The Lost Words to primary, secondary and special schools, libraries, hospitals, hospices, outdoor centres and care homes.  Jane led the way for many of us and we remain hugley grateful for her support, inspiration and foresight.  Each campaign has developed it's own way of raising the funds to buy the books and how they are distributed.  There is now a wonderful network of campaign 'leaders' who freely offer advice to those starting out on the campaign trail!

The campaigns and initiatives so far (19th February 2019) - roughly in alphabetical order:

In early 2018 Jane Beaton (@janebeaton on Twitter) raised £25000 to place a copy of the book into every school in Scotland:

Coordinated by Sam Hicks (@seventy6social on Twitter) is working to get donors paired with schools.  She has also just launched a facebook page for the campaign:   #AcornistoWood

The Earth Science Partnership (@ESPLtd on Twitter) in Wales have raised money to put a copy in each of the 101 publicly managed care homes in Wales:

Gwent - The Gwent Wildlife Trust have their own project for that county running: (contact them on Twitter @GwentWildlife)

Pembrokeshire - The Friends of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park and the West Wales Children’s Book Group worked together to provide a copy of The Lost Words, the book by Robert Macfarlane and local artist Jackie Morris, for each of the 57 primary schools in Pembrokeshire: Newsflash dated 10/01/2019

Powys - Bookish Bookshop in Crickhowell (@Bookishcrick on Twitter) ran a successful campaign to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Powys:


Barking and Dagenham - Andy Achilleos (@AndyAchilleos on Twitter) has a vision to provide a copy of The Lost Words (plus the Explorers' Guide from the John Muir Trust) to every primary and SEND school in Barking and Dagenham:​.  LIVE APPEAL.

​Bedford - Lisa Bremner (@L_Bremner on Twitter) has raised the funds to provide copies of The Lost Words to Primary Schools in the borough of Bedford;

Bournemouth and Poole - Westbourne Bookshop in Bournemouth (@westbourne books on Twitter) is leading a campaign to provide copies of The Lost Words and the Explorers' Guides to schools in Bournemouth and Poole.  Poole Libraries (@PooleLibraries on Twitter) has kindly offered to coordinate the distribution of the books to the 80 schools in this area.  LIVE APPEAL. 

Bradford - Victoria Cooke (@MsVCooke on Twitter) worked with the Grove Bookshop to put a copy of The Lost Words into every primary school in Bradford in Yorkshire. 

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough - Ruth Sapsed (of the charity Cambridge Curiousity and Imagination) has set up their campaign to cover that area:
Cornwall - Rachel Howarth (@Edgybooks on Twitter) of The Edge of the World Bookshop in Penzance raised money to provide copies of The Lost Words to Primary Schools in Cornwall   

Devon - Hayden (@LostWordsDevon on Twitter) led a successful campain to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Devon:

Doncaster - Phil Sheppard led a campain to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Doncaster:

Dorset - Emma Fernandez (@emmafernandezPR on Twitter), Paul Angel (@westbournebooks on Twitter) and Richard Bradford (@dorsetandbeyond on Twitter) worked with the six independent bookshops in the county to provide copies of The Lost Words (and the Explorers' Guide) to all 174 state schools in Dorset:

Gloucestershire - The Yellow-Lighted Bookshops in Nailsworth and Tetbury reached their £5000 target to place a copy of the book and the Explorers' Guide in every primary setting in Gloucestershire.  They ran the Crowdfunder for an extra week in preparation for their next initiative on getting the book into as many schools as possible:

Hampshire - Liz Boulton (@LostWordsHants on Twitter) is currently developing a campaign to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Hampshire.  APPEAL IN PREP.

Haringey - The Big Green Bookshop ran a Crowdfunder appeal to put the book (and the Explorers' Guide) into every primary school in London’s poorest borough - which they achieved in four days!

​Herefordshire - The Herefordshire Wildlife Trust ran a successful campaign where you choose the school that you would like to donate a copy to:

Kent - Rennie Halstead, Sue Hall, Jackie Heath and Julia Wheler (@WordsKent on Twitter) successfully appealed for funds to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Kent:, They also host a website:

Lambeth and Wandsworth - Sean Gibson (@funky72 on Twitter) successfully raised enough money to put a copy of The Lost Words into every primary school in those boroughs:

Leicestershire - Knibworth Bookshop has set in motion a project to provide The Lost Words for schools in Leicester and Leicestershire. The Bookshop contributes £5 per book and invites customers to sponsor the remaining £15, or any amount as a contribution. With a £15 sponsorship comes the opportunity to nominate a school in the city or county to receive a copy of the book. For more details, see:  LIVE APPEAL.

Lincolnshire - Harry Whinney (@GorseBushMurals on Twitter) organised a successful appeal to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Lincolnshire:,  Harry is also the artist behind the amazing map on this page showing the counties and boroughs where The Lost Words campaigns have taken place, see:

Greater London - Led by Trees for Cities (@TreesforCities on Twitter), this appeal raised money to provide copies of The Lost Words for schools in London:

The National Forest - provided The Lost Words to 110 schools within its borders covering parts of Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Staffshire

Norfolk - Andrea Tiplady (@AndreaT74310279 on Twitter) has raised money to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Norfolk:

Nottinghamshire - This successful campaign, started by Patrick Limb (@PatchLimb on Twitter) had the backing of Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust, Notts County's 'Football in the Community' and Nottingham UNESCO City of Literature - and two websites: and 

Oxfordshire - Andy Egan, Ro Rouse and Angela Wilson (@LOxfordshire on Twitter) organised a successful Crowdfunder appeal to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Oxfordshire:

Sheffield - This unique campaign was run successfully by a tree, the wonderful Vernon Oak in Sheffield (@SAVEDORETREES on Twitter) assisted by Joanna Dobson,  Sarah Deakin, Margaret Peart and Susan Unwin.  They raised money to buy copies of The Lost Words for the schools in Sheffield: 

Somerset - John Fish (@Thelastword62 on Twitter) led a successful campaign to provide copies of The Lost Words to schools in Somerset:

Suffolk - The Suffolk Wildlife Trust raised funds to buy a copy for each school in the county:

Surrey - Jo Elphick (@LostWordsSurrey on Twitter) is organising a crowdfunding appeal to provide The Lost Words to schools in Surrey, see:​LIVE APPEAL.

Waltham Forest - Anoara Mughal (@anoara_a on Twitter) is coordinating a crowdfunder appeal to buy books for schools in Waltham Forest:  LIVE APPEAL.

Warwickshire and Coventry - Victoria Meir of The Tree House Bookshop in Kenilworth (@TreeHouseBkshop on Twitter) launched the first campaign in the Midlands and raised funds to provide copies of The Lost words to schools in Warwickshire and Coventry:  

Yorkshire - Amy-Jane Beer (@AmyJaneBeer on Twitter) led a successful campaign to provide The Lost Words to schools in North and East Yorkshire:


Hospices in Britain - Rachel Clarke (@doctor_oxford on Twitter) organised a successful fundraising campaign to bring the joy, wonder and solace of nature into the lives of patients with terminal illness by donating a copy of The Lost Words to every one of Britain’s 220 hospices.

Isle of Man - Heather Hurt, a retired school special unit manager, and the Society for the Preservation of the Manx Countryside and Environment (SPMCE) have ensured every local primary school has ‘The Lost Words’ on its shelves from this term, supporting the Island’s UNESCO Biosphere status, see:

Guernsey - In Guernsey, the Early Years Team and service partners have been working with the Island's pre-schools and day nurseries to promote communication and language within their settings using The Lost Words, see:

We’ve have heard of people interested in starting campaigns in Cumbria, Merseyside, Hertfordshire and in Victoria, British Columbia.

Many individuals have also donated books to their local school across the country.

A useful summary of the projects that have used the Crowdfunder platform for their appeals can be found here -